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Photo of Andrew ThompsonMy particular style of photography has naturally changed over the 30 plus years that I've been taking pictures, but I would have to say that close face-to-face and eye-to-eye portraitures of native wildlife continues to motivate me the most. This fascination is reinforced for me each time I'm lucky enough to experience a wild animal going about its every-day existence so perfectly adapted to the environment in which it lives. On those even rarer occasions when eye to eye contact is made, there is the sense that we are very much kindred spirits in this experience of life, each with our own capabilities, perceptions, and feelings.

I am compelled to mention at this point that none of my images are the result of photographing captive or otherwise artificially presented wildlife such as in zoos, game farms, or controlled wildlife shoots arranged through photo workshops. l normally would not express the need to separate my own work from this method of obtaining images but with the proliferation of photography now commonly presented that does utilize this advantage, many people assume my images were likewise taken this way, so I am simply obliged to reveal otherwise. In an article I wrote several years ago for the Wonalancet Outdoor Club newsletter conspicuously titled "True Confessions of a Nature Photographer" click Read WODC article I explain how I go about photographing wild living things in local natural settings. The real challenge of course is finding them, but you can improve the odds when you know where and when you might see a particular species. Investing a little time initially by observing fresh signs and patterns of movement always helps. Then it comes down to concealing yourself carefully and quietly (ideally in a camouflaged blind) in a location that offers good lighting, and finally - waiting patiently with the right equipment in hand.

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